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Mora 'O' Meeting

XXIX Troféu de Orientação do CPOC


By E-Mail to:


(Every registration sent by email will receive a confirmation email.
If you don't receive the confirmation after a few days, please re-send your registration.)

The necessary information is:
- Athlete(s) Name(s);
- Birthdate(s);
- Club and Country;
- Passport or other Id Number (this number is only used for Insurance Company registration)
- Participation in all or specific Stage(s);
- Participation Classe(s);
- IOF number for WRE (only for athletes running in the WRE --> must also register in IOF Eventor);
- SportIdent card number (it will be rented if you don't have it);
- Extras: model event and other maps requested.

All international banking transfers should be done to the CPOC account:
BANK NAME: CGD (Caixa Geral de Depósitos)
IBAN: PT50003505750001521743021

Entries deadlines:
Best fees last day - 4th February 2019
Last entries day for competition and formation classes - 11th February 2019

Entry FeesSaturday (middle)Saturday (Sprint)Sunday (middle)All stages
Fed. FPOOthersFed. FPOOthersFed. FPOOthersFed. FPOOthers
Competition and formation classesEliteTill 4th FebEUR 7EUR 11EUR 5EUR 6EUR 7EUR 11EUR 19EUR 28
After 4th FebEUR 10,5EUR 16,5EUR 7,5EUR 9EUR 10,5EUR 16,5EUR 28,5EUR 42
Adults (except Elite)Till 4th FebEUR 6EUR 10EUR 4EUR 5EUR 6EUR 10EUR 16EUR 25
After 4th FebEUR 9EUR 15EUR 6EUR 7EUR 9EUR 15EUR 24EUR 37
Young Runners (<=20 years)Till 4th FebEUR 3EUR 5EUR 2,5EUR 3,5EUR 3EUR 5EUR 8,5EUR 13,5
After 4th FebEUR 4,5EUR 7,5EUR 3,75EUR 5,25EUR 4,5EUR 7,5EUR 12,75EUR 20,25
Open classesAdultsAlwaysEUR 6EUR 3EUR 6EUR 15
Young Runners (<=20 years)AlwaysEUR 5EUR 3EUR 5EUR 13

- SportIdent Card rental - EUR 1 (per day)
[The rented SI Card lost will be charged EUR 50.]

- Model Event: EUR 3

- Other maps: from EUR 2 to EUR 4

- Sport Insurance is not provided for foreign athletes, so foreign athletes that don't have a valid abroad insure participate at their own risk.


Federação Portuguesa de Orientação (Portuguese Orienteering Federation) Câmara Municipal de Mora (Mora Municipality)

IPDJ - Instituto Português do Desporto e Juventude, I.P. Fluviário de Mora Museu Interactivo do Megalitismo de Mora