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Portugal 'O' Meeting 2009

XVII Troféu de Orientação do CPOC


VERY IMPORTANT: We are sorry for the inconvenience but we were forced to change the location of the Arena on the 3rd and 4rd day. The courses won't be affected but the distances for the startfrom the Arena are now bigger (about 1,2kms on the 3rd day and 600m on the 4rd day) so you should take this warning in consideration to avoid arriving late in the start.

- Those who arrive in Mora befor 6:00 PM on friday to stay on the pavillions should go to the Casa do Povo. After that, it would be better to stay on ES Mora pavillion. Please use the map in "Arena and Event Centre".

- Friday we'll give the final bulletin to all participants on the event centre.

- No changes of start times will be possible. We advise to reach the Arenas early.

- The road from Cabeção to Azenhas da Seda is cut due to the opening of the Maranhão Dam that leaves a bridge completly under the water. So, to go to the model event you must always go from Pavia. If you need to go from Pavia to Cabeção you should always use the road Pavia-Mora and not the road Pavia-Avis.

- Don't forget that Male Elite will have more than 30 controls on day 2 and day 4 and Female Elite on day 4. SI Cards will be replaced on the start without further costs to the runners.


Federação Portuguesa de Orientação (Portuguese Orienteering Federation) Câmara Municipal de Mora (Mora Municipality) Escola Superior de Saúde do Alcoitão

Instituto do Desporto de Portugal SportZone Fluviário de Mora Vitalis

Azenhas da Seda Casas de Romaria Atari

Dualbrand Silva Tatonka

COC - Clube de Orientação do Centro Gafanhori Ori-Estarreja Alpro Soya