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Portugal 'O' Meeting 2009

XVII Troféu de Orientação do CPOC

Model Event


Model event will be available all day in Friday since 9:30 AM till 16:00. Event centre will open only at 14:00 in Mora but there will be maps available in Barragem da Gonçala in the location of the model event. There will be a model event entries list there but there can be payments/entries on location although we kindly ask you to make those entries on the moment of your entry to the event.

GPS Coordinates: 38.930854,-8.013314

The roads to the model event location will have road orienteering signs from Pavia and from Cabeção (distance of 6 Km from Pavia with 1 Km of unpaved road and of 7 Km from Cabeção with 2 Km of unpaved road).

Model event area has 2,8ms2 with several controls but there are 3 formal courses prepared for all. The participants who want to use them should mention it on the entry information.

Model event area has the same kind of terrain of the 3rd and 4th days event. Second day as similar forest but few rocky details, and first day is totally different although made by the same map maker.

Number of controls available: 33
Courses available:
Short - 2,9 Km - 13 controls - 90m climbing
Medium - 5,7 Km - 21 controls - 260m climbing
Long - 7,6 Km - 27 controls - 330m climbing

Map samples:
Excerto Model Event 1Excerto model event 2


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