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Event Overview

Event Overview
Welcome to the 3rd CPOC's MTB-O (1st international).

This event counts for the International Ranking of the IOF (WRE - World Ranking Event) and for the Portuguese MTB-O Orienteering Cup.

Come to Portugal and see why MTB-O is one of the fastest growing sports in Portugal (average participants raised from 103 in 2001/2002 to 337 last season).

Start the season in style taking advantage of the several training maps that we will offer in the weeks prior to the actual event. See more information in the section 'Training Camps'.

This event will satisfy everyone (competitors, enthusiasts and beginners), so give us the pleasure to meet you.

All information and news (sponsors, distances, entries list, etc) about this event, will be updated regularly on this pages.

- Orienteering Briefings for beginners...
- Baby-sitting service (for children with less than 8 years old).
What's new
[2007-02-04] Results - Results were published.
[2007-02-03] Results - Saturday results were published.
[2007-02-01] Start Lists - Starting times by clubs and competition classes.
[2007-01-30] Technical Info - Added ascent information and some last minute pointers.
[2007-01-30] Entries Lists - Updated entries list available. Please confirm all your data.
[2007-01-30] Location - Added information on what roads to take to get to the event center.
[2007-01-29] Programme - First start time on Sunday changed to 09:30.
[2007-01-24] Technical Info - The final distances and number of controls are now available.
[2007-01-24] Entries Lists - Preliminary entries list available. Please confirm all your data.
[2006-12-17] Technical Info - Approximate course distances are now available.
[2006-12-15] Training Camps - Information regarding the available maps for the training camp.
[2006-10-30] Welcome - Website launched. The English pages of this event should always be synchronized with the Portuguese pages. However, if you have any doubt about what is written or if you're sure that something's wrong, fell free to contact the webmaster (webmaster@cpoc.pt) to improve these pages and to minimize lost in translation problems.


Portuguese Orienteering Federation Junta de Freguesia de Ota Câmara Municipal de Alenquer (Alenquer Municipality) Centro Social Recreativo e Desportivo de Ota

Instituto do Desporto de Portugal Atari Vitalis Hero Muesly Chipicao Bike Magazine Club L RBikes

Grupo Madeiras Cavado Dr. Oetker Odor Stop Caixa Geral de Depósitos PROGELCONE