Training Camps
Two weeks before the competition we will have several maps, with control points, available for training. These maps will all be in the Greater Lisbon area within a radius of 40Km.

These trainings will not be manned. If you want to participate send us an email, and we will send the maps to you by regular mail. You can then train on your own time.
Maps will only be mailed to athletes that enrol in the competition. Alternatively maps can be picked up at locations close to the maps (but availability of maps cannot be guaranteed). More information will be posted regarding these locations.
These maps can only be used during the two weeks prior to the event. Any usage after that must be confirmed with the respective club.

For additional information, send an email to

Training maps will be sold at 3 euros each. Postage fees will be added to this price when necessary.

Here is the list of maps available (click on the images to obtain another with higher resolution):


46Kms de Lisboa
1/20 000 - 5m
20 Kms2
Belongs to club COA


44Kms de Lisboa
1/20 000 - 5m
25 Kms2
Belongs to former aeGIST club athletes


80Kms de Lisboa
1/20 000 - 5m
25 Kms2
Belongs to former aeGIST club athletes


Em Lisboa
1/15 000 - 5m
8 Kms2

And their locations. The place signalled is the start triangle (or very close).



Event Centre


Training map
(Click on the marker to get detailed information about the map)

Portuguese Orienteering Federation Junta de Freguesia de Ota Câmara Municipal de Alenquer (Alenquer Municipality) Centro Social Recreativo e Desportivo de Ota

Instituto do Desporto de Portugal Atari Vitalis Hero Muesly Chipicao Bike Magazine Club L RBikes

Grupo Madeiras Cavado Dr. Oetker Odor Stop Caixa Geral de Depósitos PROGELCONE