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Mora 'O' Meeting

XXIX Troféu de Orientação do CPOC

Event Overview

Event Overview
Welcome to the Mora 'O' Meeting (MOM).

This event will take place in Mora municipality and consist in 3 stages: a middle distance (WRE), a night sprint and another middle distance.
A model event will also be available, for those who want to adapt to terrain and map before competition.
For those who don't want competition but still enjoy running/walking in nature with a map in the hand, there are also several open classes, targetting different orienteering skills and physical condition.

Besides the event, CPOC have multiple maps available for training (Mora, Lisbon and surroundings) so if you plan to stay longer and want to train with map you can also contact us.

We hope you can join us and participate on MOM, because we'll do everything that we can so you can enjoy this start of the season for 2019.

All news and updates concerning the event will be included regularly on this website.

The Organizing Team - CPOC
- World Ranking Event
- Orienteering Briefings for beginners
What's new
[2019-02-17] Results - Stage 3 results, split times and global results are available.
[2019-02-16] Results - Stage 2 results and split times are available.
[2019-02-16] Results - Stage 1 results and split times are available.
[2019-02-14] Start Lists - Starting times updated to include pending entries.
[2019-02-13] Start Lists - Starting times by clubs and competition classes. Start lists will be updated to include pending open classes entries received by email in the last days.
[2019-02-13] Location - Parking in Monte dos Condes (sunday): along the road in the way from Pavia to Malarranha. Only one way traffic near the arena (see graphic).
[2019-02-13] General Info - The hard floor opens friday at 16h00m and closes sunday at 10h00m.
[2019-02-10] Technical Info - The final distances and number of controls are now available.
[2019-02-05] Location - The hard floor location was changed to Escola 2,3 e Secundária de Mora. Showers will be available at this location.
[2019-02-05] Terrain Photos - You can watch a small video (1m19s) made during some courses tests on day 1 map (WRE): https://youtu.be/enq9esEPO-k .
[2019-01-23] Technical Info - Published previous versions of the maps.
[2019-01-23] Terrain Photos - Published some photos of the competition areas.
[2019-01-22] Technical Info - The preliminary distances and number of controls for each course are now available.
[2018-12-30] Programme - Several pages were updated, WRE stage is now in middle distance and the event now includes a night sprint stage.
[2018-11-04] Flyer - The event flyer was published.


Federação Portuguesa de Orientação (Portuguese Orienteering Federation) Câmara Municipal de Mora (Mora Municipality)

IPDJ - Instituto Português do Desporto e Juventude, I.P. Fluviário de Mora Museu Interactivo do Megalitismo de Mora