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History and goals

CPOC (Clube Português de Orientação e Corrida) was created in 6 September 2002 by a group of Orienteering enthusiastics.

Our main goal is to allow that any CPOC member (and everyone who participates in our events and trainings) can enjoy everything this thrilling discipline can bring to our lives.

We want to be part of the future of Orienteering.

We try to increase the number of Orienteering participants with our events and trainings open to all, organizing school and childreen events, introducing the discipline to beginners, improving the skills of enthusiastics or just by spreading the word Orienteering in the media and all our friends.

We are a tight and funny group, gathered by Orienteering, but always looking forward for new experiences.

If you want to know more about us, participate in our events (even the ones that are not international) or trainings, join this group during a trip/stay in Portugal to participate in Portuguese Orienteering events or just to talk a little, please send an email to: world@cpoc.pt .

Our symbols

Main Logotype:
Main Logotype

Secondary Logotype:
Secondary Logotype


Orienteering suit:
Orienteering suit

Sporting suit:
Sporting suit

CPOC sponsors

Câmara Municipal de OeirasThe Oeiras Municipality supports CPOC' sporting development.

Loja das BicicletasThe CPOC's MTBO team is sponsored by Loja das Bicicletas (bike shop).

If you want to sponsor our events, CPOC club, CPOC Online or our athletes, please contact us .